183. My ESL student also has no one at home who speaks English, over the summer what are some effective techniques that the parents could do with her to help maintain the skills she has learned this year?

I am finding that teachers do not take full advantage of technology to help students. For example, I am recommending to the district administrators where I am that ALL textbooks should be provided to ALL students with complete audio tapes of each and every textbook chapter. ALL library books should have an audio cassette for students to hear as they read. All teachers should audio- or video-record their lessons for students to review them over the summer.

I do not know when we are going to acknowledge that ALL our students --our English-ONLY speakers and our ESL students-- NEED TO HEAR ENGLISH AS THEY READ BECAUSE MOST of them cannot read textbooks or library books!!!! I am recommending that all Library books be purchased with audio tapes or that volunteers come to school to tape library books for our students.

At the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, ALL professors record their lectures every day and these are then stored for students to view or review as needed in the library!!!! We must do the same for OUR students!!!!!!

These are the kinds of helpful learning aids that our students need during the summer!!!! Begin now to record your lessons, or when you read books to the students. Purchase books-on-tape that the student can easily read along with full understanding. Get a tutor to help the student several times per week and read with the student. Find out if your public library offers a story telling program, or if it has books-on-tape. This is what your student needs to do.

Also, there are Web Sites where students are provided lessons. Show the student how to access these Web Sites at the public library or at another place where the Internet is available.

Hope these ideas are helpful to you and to your student!!!!



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